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Project Details

$1,000.00 Fixed Price
2363 days



Experienced back-end developer needed for project


Our company (www.mobilefirstent.com) needs assistance in back end programming. We need someone to:

Create an html video upload form (tool) using JAVA as a server side backend application language on a windows server running Adobe Coldfusion 9. The html + java upload application should do a HTTP video post to framesocket.com API’s and return a video ID, video link and video thumbnail of the uploaded video to be inserted into an SQL database table. The upload tool must have a progress bar displayed to the end user on the status of the upload for the number of bytes and time remaining on the video file being sent to the API. A status complete should also be displayed.

The tool should be able compiled as a java class file or jar that can be installed on the coldfusion server running windows.

Upload Tool Should Perform The Following Functions:
Upload media
Query media
Query media images (Thumbnails)
Update media information like Title, description and keywords
Deactivate media
Activate media
Note: Your java class should include functions that perform the above actions.

Project Delivery Format:
All java source files including running class files
A java jar file that can be install on the coldfusion windows server
A working sample application with the . html or .cfm files for the upload form
SQL file containing sample table creation and inserted data.
Note: SQL portion of the project should not be included in the java classes

Delivery Time:
1 or 2 weeks from project start date

All necessary information will be given once job is granted. We ask that a NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT be signed for this job. All work becomes property of the company once completed. Any and all source code must be given before final payment. Thank you!

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